Unique Talent CIC have personal experiences in and around the CJ system, allowing us to engage our clients in a unique way

Unique Talent CIC work with our clients holistically allowing us to also work with families, advocate, work in unrecognised areas

Unique Talent CIC have direct links with employers such as REED

Unique Talent CIC have direct link with JCP gangs and justice lead – enabling us to work with young people better

Direct links to apprenticeships in railway, bricklaying, mechanics, construction, media, and administration


The national re-offending rate in the UK is over 60%. This means that 60% of the young people that leave prison within their first year will re-offend. Which amounts to more than one in four people (MOJ figures)
If this re-offending is to continue it will result in more than 500,000 victims of crime.
Over 70,000 people are being help in a UK prison system which is built to hold only 50,000
The police, court and imprisonment process costs the tax payer on average £65,000 per head. It then costs the tax payer on average a further £40,000 per year they stay in prison.
Each person we keep away from prison and the criminal justice system will save the tax payer a substantial amount of money. The ripple effect of our work goes further making our communities a safer place creating a fewer victims of crime