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Rollsafe’s Response to the Queens Speech – All about e-Scooters

Rollsafe, the e-scooter safety training division and public health initiative led by community interest company Unique Talent wish to respond to recent advancements in progress towards action over the legislation surrounding private e-scooter use.

To state from the offset, as a company, we support the advancement of the green economy in the UK and the associated advancement and uptake of green technology. This is a cause which we support as an organisation, not least because of the prospective social-economic advancement the green revolution can provide to the most disadvantaged communities in the UK.

It is from this position that we state that the prospect of legalising private e-scooter use in the UK must be taken with care and management of associated risks. It is a long-held position of ours, as affirmed by mistakes made in transportation history in previous decades that the freedom and benefits of new forms of transport must be weighed against the safety of the pedestrian, vehicle user and road users. Without adequate catering for the safety and capacity to reduce casualties and fatalities of new forms of transport, we impede the development of transport infrastructure with a lack of provision for the sustainable growth of new forms of transport. In our view, this can only take place when a cohesive infrastructure that includes policies, regulations, cultural awareness and technological frameworks is developed to ensure new transport causes the least damage to communities. Without this, we feel that advancements become short-lived due to a lack of the necessary structures to maximise their potential.

We support the legalisation of new forms of transport only under conditions that viable means of ensuring safety are prioritised and upheld with tangible initiatives, as without this there will be no life span that provides long-term change.

Jerome Sewell, Head of Rollsafe, Unique Talent CIC

Download the full report below:

Rollsafe Queens speech Statement

LCF London Community Foundation - Unique Talent - May 2019 - 187

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