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Unique Talent CIC offers three interrelated services, through three interconnected departments offering: gang prevention, mediation, mentoring coaching and music production as a foundation.

Through these services, we seek to offer positive alternatives and diversion to young people involved with or at risk of involvement in gangs and serious youth violence.

Prior to engagement in our programmes, we conduct extensive street-based outreach work, which allows us to establish links with young people and local communities. We gain knowledge of specific local issues and any potential conflicts. Where appropriate, we can offer an adaptable conflict resolution and mediation services, aimed at reducing or redressing tensions when they arise.

Our Core Services:

1) Youth Engagement – youth work delivery on the streets of London. Prevention and intervention work covering gangs, youth violence, weapons, county lines, drugs, prison, joint enterprise and more. We deliver this work in schools, people referral units, youth clubs, Youth Offending services, probation and community hubs.

2) Peer Profession Service – upskilling teachers and professionals working with young people in the community. Sharing our first-hand experiences to enable/equip and empower professionals to deal with a variety of issues faced by the youth of London today.

3) Parents/Community Engagement – providing information, advice and guidance to parent and guardians on the young people who are at risk or involved with gangs and serious youth violence. We offer a 24/7 advice line where parents can call in to discuss issues within the home or extended family home.


Our strands provide interventions, activities and programmes which help towards our core objectives: 1) reducing re/offending, 2) giving people a second chance & 3) making communities safer places