• Mentoring and Coaching (Ministry of Entrepreneurs approach)
  • Medication & Conflict resolution
  • Early Intervention & educational prevention workshops
  • Adult awareness and reflection workshops (Professionals & Parents)
  • Parents Peer Mentoring
  • Through the gate resettlement work
  • Music Studio & Production
  • Outreach and youth engagement (Youth Work)
  • Safe & Secure Scheme (relocated families to safer locations with holistic support)


  1. Enough is Enough – gangs and knife crime Intervention & prevention
  2. The Revival Project – tackling homelessness
  3. Music Production 12 Steps Programme
  4. Creative Arts – The Power of Creative Thinking
  5. Project Biz Up – supporting business start-up
  6. Box Life – Structured Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts & Taekwondo

From the Streets to the STARS: 1-4 Weeks

1-4 weeks program targeting young people involved with or at risk of gang involvement. Covering fundamental themes in today’s society tailored to the group’s needs. Workshop themes include:

  • Gang culture and the consequences of criminality
  • Weapons, crime and the effect of people lives
  • Underestimated Joint enterprise
  • Reality of prison and long term consequences
  • Sexual harassment, exploitation and assertive behaviour
  • Knowing your rights

Gangsters Temptation: 6 Weeks

A media project focused on engaging those who love media, acting, film-making, directing and producing. Supporting those with raw talent to explore their strength and build on their weaknesses to find new confidence in the media industry.

Music Production & YouTube Culture: 12 Weeks

Working with those young people caught up or aspiring to be part of the YouTube culture or the UK rap industry which continues to spark a riot and gang rivalry with young people across London and other parts of the UK. We work with these young people up-to 12 weeks covering all the core themes with music production. They are allocated mentors who support and address their lyrical content which can be explicit.

Mind-set: 6-18 Months

Working with hard to reach cohorts holistically to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Reduce reoffending with the cohort we work with by at least 10%. We also aim to reduce offending behaviour, attitude and associations.
  • Support young people to exit gangs and anti-social or criminal groups
  • Support at least 10% of our young people into positive activities or ETE opportunities.
  • Prevent gang and individual warfare. Gang and crime mediation where necessary and safe to do so. Bring gang leaders together to find mutual ground. We aim to also mediate between individual who have one-to-one conflict by bringing them into a mutual setting and delivering our mediation module (fully risk assessed).
  • Explore the underlying issues to offending and gang involvement, challenge this and support our cohort to change their attitude. This will be carried out in on-to-one settings and groups sessions covering key themes in today’s society.

Learning with no distractions

Intensive residential program in partnership with our specialised ETE partner. Taking participants away from their day to day environments to maximise learning with no distractions. This work follows through into the community where holistic work takes place to support clients to reach their goals.