Unique Talent CIC aim to raise young people awareness about the negative impact of gangs and gang culture, the ripple effect of anti-social behaviour and crime.

 Unique Talent CIC seek to coach and mentor young people drawing upon our personal experiences, knowledge and professional skills to deter them from negative lifestyles and raise aspirations.

Unique Talent CIC utilise music and sports as a positive engagement tool, which provides the young people with a familiar mechanism to explore issues and emotions, whilst gaining tangible skills.

Reduce the re-offending rates with the young people we work with by at least 20%. This means at least two in ten young people referred to Unique Talent will not re-offend.

Support all the young people in our services to become trained peer mentors within Unique Talent or other established organizations.

Unique Talent CIC aim to support young people to reach their personal goals with an intensive and holistic approach. Enabling then to reach their long term ETE goals