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‘Enough is Enough’ Project is off to great start!

Enough is Enough! Too many young people have died as a result of gangs and knife crime. Unique Talent have developed a bespoke package to tackle this ongoing epidemic.

‘Enough is Enough’ Project is off to great start!

Our new programme ‘Enough is Enough’ is successfully underway! Special Thanks to the London Community Foundation & MOPAC for funding Unique Talent.

We have developed a bespoke package for schools and support agencies, which will deter young people away from gangs & knife crime.

  • Weapons Awareness sessions for young people (school age) – Unique Talent deliver an engaging session, covering the realities of knife crime on our streets today. The sessions are led by ex-offender and reformed gangs members, with extensive training, qualifications and experience. Our staff have delivered sessions in over 100+ schools across England and are fully vetted. We bring a credible response to this ongoing epidemic.


  • Empowering Parents and Professionals(workshop) – delivery of Unique sessions for both parents and professionals. This is also led by ex-offenders/gang members who provide inside knowledge, to help empower others to support the young people of today. This session is exclusive and gives attendees the opportunity to find out more about gangs.


  • 1:1 mentoring and coaching – led by MOE foundation graduates and Unique Talent peer-mediator/mentors. We will work with the schools/referring agency to identify young people appropriate for gangs and knife crime prevention sessions, with a qualified mentor. We will work with individuals to identify the underlying issues to offending, whilist using personal experience, sharing the realities of gangs.


  • Peer professional service – 24/7 advice line, run and led by Unique Talent, open to professionals and parents who require information, advice and guidance, relating to young people involved with gangs and knife crime.

We would like to work alongside your school and provide you with more information and answer any questions. Please can we arrange a date to meet.

Feel free to contact us for more information: info@uniquetalent.org.uk




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